Message from President

Our philosophy: Not the biggest, but striving to be the best

TOKYO FOOD Co. Ltd., founded in 1967, is based in the green oasis of Tsukuba Science City that is home to high-level research and educational institutions. Our company is primarily a food manufacturer having a strong advantage specifically in chocolate production. We are growing steadily, providing our customers numerous and unique valuable products.

TOKYO FOOD Co., Ltd. deeply appreciates you all for the continuous support and patronage over the years. We are aiming to be a company that can provide not only customer satisfaction, our primary goal, but also happiness to our diverse supplier base (materials and machines), local residents, and employees and their families.

Being a food materials manufacturer, it is our duty to have the safety and security of our products uppermost in our minds. With this as a premise, we engage in all our works to provide "a strong impression" beyond just mere satisfaction. We are employees playing leading roles working in the forefront of the food industry. Valuing "human education" and "corporate culture”, each of our employees act toward the customers taking immense pride in one's work and products. With our philosophy "Not the biggest, but striving to be the best", we will keep delivering the best products while constantly improving the technology base and building trust.

President and CEO  Hiroshi Tamba