Manufacturing Control

Achieve traceability of each product lot

The biggest topic/theme for TOKYO FOOD is providing high-quality products exceeding customer expectations. With increase of a large variety and small quantity manufacturing by the diversification of customer needs, highly efficient and accurate manufacturing goals are required. Therefore, we have constructed a new manufacturing control system that manages all manufacturing-related information. This system avoids human errors such as design mistakes and shipping of uninspected products by incorporating barcode management of all materials and products. A database has been constructed for each manufacturing process, resulting in high traceability of each lot.

New manufacturing system
Point1 Unification and sharing of information
  • Availability of latest data by unification of manufacturing information
  • Electronic data storage of actual results saving on paper and the environment
  • Allowing inventory management in real time
  • Time to time confirmation of work statements by the management section
Point2 Prevention of composition mistakes
  • Cataloging of the manufacturing standard (work process/check points/product specifications)
  • Prevention of composition mistakes and minimizing individual differences by complying to manufacturing standard, and incorporating computer checks
Point3 Realizing Traceability
  • Allowing collection of manufacturing record information
  • Tracing the manufacturing record (raw material lot/actual results/work check/results of inspections/shipping data) information by lot.

Prevention of composition mistakes by panel computer and barcode reader

Quality control by mobile terminal
Indications of product standards appear on the display