Quality Assurance

Conducting quality inspection and control over the industrial standard

As a manufacturer it is critical that one produces safe and secure food. The reason is simple - our food products go direct from factory to human mouth. We at TOKYO FOOD conduct thorough quality inspection not only for final food products but also intermediate products, and ingredients. For example, during physical inspection, we check the flavor, color (sensory inspection), water, water activity, viscosity, oil content, and fatty acid composition. Bacteriological inspections are intended to check coliform group bacteria, common bacteria, Staphylococcus aureus, molds, osmophilic yeasts, and aflatoxins. Furthermore, our factory performs a quality control by integrating with the manufacturing system. Finally, with continuous employee skill development, e.g., by holding a technical workshop on how to use the inspection equipments, TOKYO FOOD strives to be better and best.

Physical property inspection
Inspection examples

Flavor・Color・Condition(Sensory inspection)
Water・Water activity
Particle Size distribution
Oil Content・Fatty acid Composition
Softening point

Bacteriological inspection 
Inspection examples

Coliform group
Common bacteria
Staphylococcus aureus
Osmophilic yeasts